26 October 2017 – Local officials in Malaysia used this offseason to upgrade their knowledge and qualification. 8 referees completed the Coaching Match Officer Level 1 Course by the World Rugby.

That 1-day course was held on 24th October 2017. It took place at the Kolej Kedua, Universiti Putra Malaysia in Serdang.

The 8 Officers are :

1. Raja Saiful Malek bin Raja Aznan (Putrajaya)
2. Zaidi bin Zainudin (Selangor)
3. Hishamudin bin Zakaria (Selangor)
4. Sansudin bin Saleh (Atm)
5. Ahmad Sham bin Ismail (Atm)
6. Mohamad Sabirin bin Saban (Johor)
7. Md Fauzy bin Adam (P.Pinang)
8. Raimee bin Mohamed Mansur (N.Sembilan)

All of the officers are well experience referees who always officiate top local matches as well as officiating rugby matches on the international level. The course matches their experience well as this course will certainly help in the future match officiating.

Mike Luke of the World Rugby led the educators’ team in giving the course to all 8 participants. The list of Educators involved are :

1. Mike Luke (World Rugby)
2. Kol (PA) Dr. Mohamad Nizam bin Nazaruddin
3. Firdaus bin Shaari
4. Mohd Zamrin bin Yassin

We are hoping this kind, of course, will increase the level and standard of local match officials. That can also help to increase the standard of local rugby scene to a higher level.